Since 2005, at a time when the population of common rail engines was scarce, our Bosch EPS815 fuel injection pump test bench at Dieseltech had already been equipped with common rail repair capabilities. Aligned with our organisation's philosophy to be the leader in this industry, we were aware that common rail will be the mainstay for many years to come for diesel technology, and invested to ensure we were ready for possible common rail repair requirements.

As an indication of our sovereignty, we rightly declared ourselves in 2006 as the 1st Common Rail Centre in Singapore, and began promoting ourselves as one. True enough, when the population of common rail diesel engines increased with the Euro IV regulation by NEA in October 2006, majority of the Original Engine Makers and automotive distributors in Singapore using Bosch Common Rail system were already proud endorsers of our common rail repairs and supplies.

In early 2010, Dieseltech was awarded the 1st Bosch Common Rail Clean Room Facility in Singapore, a milestone that our industry players locally and in this region will find very difficult to replicate. Common rail diesel injection repair, unlike conventional diesel injection repair, does not permit an environment of microscopic dust. A common rail injector exposed to dust of diameter smaller than that of a human hair during repair can result in catastrophic engine circumstances.

In May 2011, we expanded our common rail facility to Defu, where customers can be served better than before with our modern retail outlet. On July 2011, we renamed ourselves as Euro 5 Common Rail Pte Ltd, in line with our vision to be the leader in common rail supply and repair.

We are now the No. 1 Common Rail Centre that can cater to most of the local and regional market's common rail requirements. With our extensive stock, we can supply all makes of common rail and Piezo injectors, high pressure/supply pumps, rail assemblies, metering units (SCV/PCV) and many other common rail parts.

With our well-equipped workshop that includes Bosch EPS708, a 2013 acquisition, and ever reliable Bosch EPS815, we can service and test all makes of common rail and piezo injectors, high pressure/supply pumps including Bosch CP2 and Hino HP0, and even rail assemblies. We will be in touch with you soon!

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Consequences of Inferior Common Rail Repair

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